Children attend film Premiere

Henley Montessori Primary was invited to participate in documentary. The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry recently received funding to create a documentary around the U.N.’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. The documentary aimed to explore primary school children’s thoughts on their education. They explored five separate primary education approaches – Montessori, rural primary school, home education, independent preparatory and inner city primary school.

The documentary focused on one child from each school and their feelings about how their life in primary education has been so far. They came and filmed the school and their learning environment.

Students were asked a series of questions, such as ‘What do you enjoy about school?’, ‘What do you like about your teacher?’, ‘What would your ideal school be like?’, ‘What would you change about your time in school so far?’.

The film is part of the Coventry Mysteries cultural project was shown as part of that celebration in late June. The film was shown as part of the 2012 Olympic event on the ‘Big Screen’ outside the Coventry Transport Museum.

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