Montessori Pupil wins National Competition

Five-year old Henley Montessori Primary School pupil, Alice Wasley, was one of Henley’s entrants in a national campaign to find primary school children’s favourite local parks.

She chose Hatton Park as her favourite local outdoor play area and understood the importance of preserving it, noting “there wouldn’t be any happy children” if the park was destroyed.

Our picture shows Alice and her prize with head teacher Helen Everley outside the school at the Memorial Hall, Station Road.

The survey, carried out by Staedtler Teachers’ Club UK, a free platform for Primary School teachers offering curriculum-linked teaching resources, activity ideas and samples, quizzed pupils on their favourite local parks, asking them to identify what they loved most about their chosen park along with why they thought it should be protected.

More than 2,000 five to eleven year olds took part in the survey which was included as part of World Kids Colouring Day 2013, a national competition organised annually by Staedtler UK.

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