My Report of the London Marathon by Alice Wasley, Year 3

On Saturday 26th April my dad ran the London Marathon. There were four sections of winners: wheelchair racers, elite me, elite women and the general public marathon runners. The wheelchairs started first. Before the race started there were massive queues for the temporary toilets! Daddy and the other runners had to put their belongings in to a big red bag and it was put in a lorry and taken to a special centre where people got changed after the race. There were different centres for different charities, Daddy was running for Cancer Research, Rhona was running for Oxfam and my Nana and Granddad’s friend Bob was dressed up as an ostrich and he kept laying eggs!

Paula Radcliffe ran the London Marathon and her daughter was crying with happiness. One of the Elite women had won every race except last year but she won again this year. When Daddy came home he had a medal, he also had lots of other treats in his red bag: a water bottle, two different types of drinks a coconut one and a smoothie. Daddy won the race in 4 hours, 10 minutes and 16 seconds.

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