Sports Day was Great Fun!‏

“Today was Sports Day! There were lots of activities: the sack race, throwing a bean bag into a hoop, throwing a bean bag into a box, best action, transferring water into a bucket and running with a sand bag. There were 6 teams: circles, Ben was their team captain, Amanda was the leader of the stars, squares of which I was team captain, ovals, George and Ethan were their captains, Daisy and Inika were the octagon team captains and Shubham and Alexander were captains of the pentagons.

In the second round, the Dads, Mums and teachers had a running race and a tug of war which was hilarious. After,  we all had a picnic which was yummy.
Ben’s team came first, but Mrs Everley said we were all winners. We all got a medal for participating. Smiling face with smiling eyes
by Alice Wasley

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