Half Term Outing for George the Bear

Our school bear George went home with Alice, Daisy and Eve Wasley over half term. He visited many places as well as enjoying lots of treats. Here is outside David Lloyds before heading in for a swim.


Here is George visiting other furry friends and meeting other teddy bears at Packwood House.

More treats for George!

George had a great time being part of the family!



The children in the Early Years Foundation Stage have been working on the topic “Myself”. They have looked at what they look like, where they live and who is in their family. They all enjoyed drawing round each other and making life size pictures of themselves.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

The nursery children celebrated Chinese New Year by making dragons, monkeys, monkey hats, money packets and Chinese writing. They also practised using chopsticks in the classroom. The primary read two stories about the monkey King, plotted the journey of Xuanzang, the Chinese monk who made a 17 year journey to bring Buddhist  teachings from India to China. They also discussed the differences between their lives and those of children living in China.