Project Umbaue Nursery School, Gobabis, Namibia


Whilst on a recent family holiday in Namibia, we were shown around the country by a local guide called Leonard Leo Kandjiriomuini. He was passionate about his country, his family and his tribe the Herero
people. His home village Gobabis is where many Herero people and Leonard himself have small cattle farms. Whilst talking to Leonard we learned he had commissioned the build of a small nursery school for his village, which is used by Bushman children and the local community.  I felt this would be an ideal opportunity for our school to develop a partnership between the nursery in Gobabis and our nursery and school in Henley in Arden.

This would enable both schools’ children to experience and develop an interest in other children globally.  Since, Gobabis is a farming community links with how cattle are farmed in both countries could be an interest they could share.

The diverse physical geography of both countries is another topic to explore, comparing the different flora and fauna as well as the scarcity of water, with a particular focus on the ease with which British people can access it, and how careful the Namibians need to be due to severe drought conditions. Also a cross-curricular initiative for history and geography and how the British and Namibian countries have interacted overtime.

Our first project is to establish our commitment to them by running a collection of children’s clothes, toys and games for children 0 – 7yrs.

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