The day the ceiling fell down in our classroom! By Daisy Wasley, Year 3

First we were quietly working, then suddenly it was ‘raining’ from the ceiling and then it fell down! It was started by the washing machine from the flat upstairs the pipe had come off the back! We were scared when it happened, we had to move the equipment so it wouldn’t get wet. Our desks got a little bit wet. But we all went into the nursery room, in there it was safe. We had a drink, played with the play dough and Amanda played the piano and we made a special puzzle. Meanwhile in the classroom, the firemen knocked down more tiles that had got wet. They had to climb through a very small bathroom window to get into the flat to stop the water and switch off his electrics because water and electricity don’t mix! The classroom was really flooded from the office door all the way to the toilets at the other end. George described it like a river. By this time it was lunchtime, we had our lunch and played our recorders in the afternoon. Just before we went home an electrician came to check the classroom was safe to go back in and have the lights on. Because it was safe we were able to help Mrs Everley put all the furniture back in before going home. The END

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