A visit to the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre, Leamington Spa

On Tuesday, we went to the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre, in Leamington Spa. When we got there, we met a dog called Jackie, she was a mummy dog. Then we went upstairs and we had a conversation about people’s eyesight and the names of eyesight problems: Glaucoma, Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration. After, we went through a tunnel wearing a blindfold where you put your arms out to feel the wall. My favourite was the soft one with the fur on it. After, we went to see some puppies they were having their lunch, one of them had not finished so before he was taken outside to the toilet he had to finish his dinner! We also used a white cane and a blindfold and swung it from side to side as if you were blind. We used a Braille machine to tap out our initials and then we came back to school. I would like to rate the visit 10 /10.

Shubham Kulkarni, Year 2

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