Victorian Day

Our Victorian School Day, 9th December

On Friday Year 2 and above took part in a Victorian School Day. Mrs Everley arranged the desks one behind the other in rows with the blackboard at the front. She took away all the Montessori materials and hid our work plans, so the classroom was basically bare.

Every time a teacher came into the room we had to curtsy or bow and say “good morning”. On the first half hour of the day we spent singing traditional Victorian songs. Afterwards we chanted the times tables from two to twelve, we then stood up and recited them one at a time.

After we worked on some grammar, we had to add a verb to a noun but we all had to think of a different answer. Then it was recess. We continued with literacy after recess followed by Geography and the British Empire.

Alice, Alex and I received the dunce hat for laughing!

To finish Mrs Everley read us a nice story about Scrooge.

Amanda Nkemena, Year 6


On Friday, we had a Victorian School Day. Our tables were set up differently, Shubs and Alex on one table, Inika and Daisy on another and Amanda and I on the last. First Mrs Everley took the register, then we chanted our times tables from two to twelve. We had to complete the sums without using our fingers! After we had recess, when we came back we talked about trees and what we saw on our way to school. Amanda, Alex and I got the dunce hat (it was a Father Christmas hat). Mrs Everley then told us the story of “A Christmas Carol”, by Charles Dickens. In the afternoon, we played Victorian games like hoops and football. It was fun! I thought it would be scary but it wasn’t.

Alice Wasley, Year 5


We all dressed up in our Victorian clothes and when Mrs Everley entered the room we had to bow or courtesy. After reading the Christmas Carol, we walked round the room with a book balanced on our heads. When we lined up for lunch, the boys had to be at the front tallest first and then the girls. The day was great fun!

Daisy Wasley, Year 3


All the primary dressed up including me. Mrs Everley was dressed in a grey Victorian dress. The classroom had 3 rows of desks and a blackboard at the front. Mrs Everley was a tiny bit strict! I did not like the way they taught in Victorian times. I would not like if I were in a Victorian School because I wouldn’t want to wear a dunce hat or get the cane!

Shubs Kulkarni, Year 2

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