Helena’s 12 Week Pupdate

Helena has been living in her new home with her Puppy Walkers, Catherine and Robin, for several weeks, so we recently caught up with Catherine to find out how young Helena has been getting on.

Catherine told us that Helena is a delightful, bright, content and laid back young pup who is getting on well, and has settled into her new home perfectly. We are pleased to report that she did not experience an upset tummy when she came to live with Puppy Walkers, as this is something that can often affect young pups when they change environments. Helena’s toilet training or ‘spending’ routine is coming along nicely and she is getting the hang of asking her Puppy Walkers to let her out if she needs to spend, so is only having a few accidents indoors now, which is good to hear. Helena is sleeping through the night with no fuss at all, and took to her crate straight away.

Helena has been busy learning some basic obedience commands and we hear she is responding to them well; she is very good at ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘wait’. All guide dog pups are taught to sit and wait for a whistle to be blown before tucking into their meals, and Helena is already very good at this, which is impressive for a hungry pup! Helena has now been introduced to her collar and lead, which she has taken to wearing with ease. She is walking quite well on the lead, but like most pups, she is excitable and is very interested in all the lovely sights and smells of the big wide world. The pair will be working hard on this area of training in the coming weeks and months. Helena now attends her puppy classes, which she enjoys, and especially loves meeting up with one of her sisters who also attends the class.

Learning to travel calmly and confidently on a variety of forms of transport is an important skill for guide dog pups to master, so it’s great to hear that Helena now likes travelling in the car. Catherine told us that she was a bit unsettled for the first few journeys, but now travels quietly and calmly, even on longer trips. In the coming months, as Helena gets older, Catherine will introduce her to bus and train travel, to get her used to these modes of transport as well.

Although Helena hasn’t yet had her final vaccinations, this has not stopped her from getting out and about, and she has visited quite a few places with her Puppy Walkers recently. Catherine has taken Helena on many trips to the local supermarket, which she has taken in her stride, and she was not at all worried by the automatic doors or shopping trollies that she encountered there. Helena has also accompanied Catherine into a few cafes, where she behaved very well for the short time they were there.

At home, Helena loves to play with her big collection of toys, and her favourites are cuddly, squeaky ones and she has a cuddly toy beaver that also squeaks, which is Helena’s prized possession! She loves to play fetch and tug of war with her Puppy walkers, and their children, who she is particularly fond of and very gentle with. Helena is not a very mischievous pup, but she does love bare feet, and if anyone walks around the house she goes straight for their toes to have a little nibble! She is also a sun-worshipper and follows the sun around the house all day, moving from room to room to catch the best rays!

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