What our parents have to say

Merrydays is the most wonderful setting, packed full of happy children and passionate teachers. The school has soul, which shines far beyond that of a typical settings ethos. My daughter has almost finished her first year and the self-confidence and creativity she has developed is immeasurable.
Natalie Mummy of Isabella (age 3)

My son loves forest school and has really flourished in the Montessori environment. Would recommend the pre-school.

Fantastic child to teacher ratios giving superior attention to each pupil. Lovely warm, caring, approachable teachers. Small, friendly intimate community atmosphere. Well-structured teaching yet flexible to meet the individual needs of each pupil. Kids happy, well-adjusted and keen to attend. As close to home schooling as you will get.

We can’t praise Merrydays enough, from the learning environment to the execution of the Montessori ethos, to the superb staff and familiar atmosphere at the school gate, its second to none. We have a cheerful going in and a more developed child coming out- including a cake/craft/skill- each day. Thoroughly pleased with the staff, care, environment and learning and would recommend unreservedly (so too would Roshan!)
Mr and Mrs Chauhan, parents of Roshan (aged 3)

The best testimonial comes from our 3-year-old, who, from day one has run in and not looked back, telling us each day he has just ‘played with kids’ unaware of how much he is learning. But when he did hit a bump in the road the staff were amazing in helping sort out his challenges and get him back on track – now that is the mark of a great school.
Thank you
Mr McCarty

After having moved my son around a fair bit I was concerned that he wouldn’t settle easily in another nursery. Merrydays is such welcoming special place and the team quickly bonded with my son. I can honestly say that sending him to the school is one of the best parenting decisions I feel I have made; that is evident in how confident my son is.
Thank you !!!

Our daughter is now four years old and has attended Merrydays for a year and a half. The environment is nurturing and stimulating and encourages independence. Natasha loves it and her learning has really blossomed.

Merrydays and Henley Montessori is simply the best environment. A mother can feel safe when she leaves her child. My son feels it is his own place; with easy access for all the activities he wants try and play with. The encouraging and warm presence of the teachers has increased my son’s confidence. Every teacher cares about my son and the other children display respect and dignity to each other. I feel jealous when my son is unhappy on a Saturday because it is not a school day but I feel deeply happy because I chose the right place to educate him.

I have put all 3 of my children into Merrydays and I would not hesitate to recommend it to any parent. The support provided by the teachers is second to none- they give sufficient space to allow a child to explore and try activities but are there when needed to guide the child. The Montessori method allows a child to progress at his/her rate and this has proved to be an excellent foundation for my children. The care and attention provided by the teachers has been far better than a conventional nursery and the activities are stimulating and fun. I only wish I could now send my children to the Primary.

Merrydays Montessori is a fantastic place for children. The staff are amazing, caring and friendly. They cannot do enough for the children. Our daughter has been attending the bursary since January 2016, and she has really gained a lot of knowledge. Mrs manning, especially has been great in helping our daughter develop. Overall, would recommend the nursery to anyone with no doubt. Mrs Everley and her staff are excellent.

After nine wonderful years, the last of our three children will soon be coming towards the end of their Montessori journey with Mrs Everley and her dedicated team. We cannot overstate the warmth, care and devotion they have enjoyed at Merrydays, in so many ways, from the warm welcome at the start of each morning to the handshake goodbye at the end of the day – and of course in between. Each has left the Montessori environment as more thoughtful, caring and confident individuals – children enriched by experiences and values they have shared.
If you value the hug importance of your child’s early education and capacity to learn then look no further than Merrydays and the Montessori way of life to set them on their way.
Mr and Mrs Burkitt

The nursery is not just a place for your child to play and have fun whilst you are work, but a place for your child to also prosper and learn.
Heidi Murfin

I wanted to get in touch about Jack’s first term at Merrydays!  It will come as no surprise that I felt a sense of trepidation when Jack started as he had spent virtually no time away from me up until that point.  I felt strongly that Jack’s place for his first few years should be primarily with me and his Dad.  I am a new, first-time Mum and I have watched in awe as Jack has taught himself how to walk, talk, run, play, use the potty and a million other things that he picks up every day.  It has been a revelation how, given the right environment, he will do these things naturally and quite easily.  More than anything else he has taught me that I need to step back and trust the process inside him.  So, once he was reaching three-years-old my next step was to find people and an environment that I could trust to expand his life experiences further and I sensed that Merrydays was that place. Whilst it has been a slow process Jack really seems to be settling in well and I have no doubt that is down to the support and commitment of your team in working with him at an appropriate pace. Mrs Manning, Mrs Williams, Mrs Wicks and Mrs Daniel have gone out of their way to encourage Jack and make him feel welcome, flexing routines for him, easing him gently towards a full morning as he gets used to his new environment and being away from me.  I have watched Jack take many positive steps forward over the last few months at home and I have no doubt they are linked to his experience at Merrydays. So, for all the care and attention taken to achieve this, John and I would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone!!!
With gratitude,
Becky & John Cooper


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