Helena’s 6 month Pupdate

Helena is now just over six months old and around halfway through her puppy training with her Puppy Walkers, Robin and Catherine.  Helena has grown into a calm and easy-going young dog, who is very pretty. She loves people, and when she first meets someone she is ‘full of beans’, but she soon calms down, and returns to her usual, chilled-out self. Helena is now old enough to go on regular free runs, which we are told she thoroughly enjoys. Her recall is good, but she can take a little longer to return to her Puppy Walkers if there are other dogs around to play with. This sort of behaviour is common at this age, and nothing to worry about at this stage.

In the coming weeks, Helena will be fitted with a puppy jacket, which she will start to wear when out and about on training walks. This jacket should help Helena get used to wearing something on her back, in preparation for when she is fitted with a harness at a later stage in her training. It should also prevent the general public from distracting Helena, as it makes it obvious that she is a trainee guide dog.

Helena has been taken on several bus journeys and hasn’t had any problems with jumping over the gap between the bus and the pavement, or the motion of the bus during journeys. Helena has also been on a few train journeys and there are plans to do some more soon.

Although Helena is generally a very well behaved girl, she has developed some cheeky habits as she’s got older. She likes to take things that she finds in the garden, and then sit under the trampoline with them, where she knows it’s difficult for her Puppy Walkers to reach her. She also likes to sleep hanging out of her bed, in some very peculiar positions!

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