Helena’s 10 month Pupdate

Helena is over 10 months old and nearing the end of the time that she will be spending with her Puppy Walkers, Robin and Catherine. At this stage Catherine is mostly working on fine-tuning all of the skills that Helena has learnt so far to help prepare her as much as possible before she hopefully makes the move to one of the national training schools or Mobility Teams to begin her formal training in a few months’ time.

Catherine says that when Helena is on a training walk she does pull a bit too much at times when she’s keen to explore new places, but hopefully with continued practise, and as she matures, this will improve. Helena is wearing a collar which should also reduce this behaviour as well.

Helena continues to travel well on a variety of forms of transport and is great when travelling by train where she will happily relax and go to sleep. When she’s in the car, she is well behaved most of the time, but as soon as they pull into the car park where Helena has her puppy classes, she gets very excited as she loves to socialise with her fellow guide dog pups. Although she doesn’t get spooked by anything when she’s out and about, she does have an aversion to the vacuum cleaner when she’s at home and will bark at it when it comes out!

Helena has come so far during the time that she’s been with her Puppy Walkers and they await the date to be set for her move to big school and to meet her Guide Dog Trainer.

Watch this space!

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