Buddy bag foundation

Making a difference to children in emergency care.

On Friday 4th October the pupils from all year groups Reception through to Year 6, their parents and teachers packed 180 Buddy Bags. This was an effort to give back into the wider community and make a small difference, to quote Freddie aged 5 “how they were filled bags for children who don’t have anything.”

The Buddy Bags are rucksacks with essential items: pyjamas, underwear, books, crayons and toiletries. The most important item is the bear that goes into the bag last. Before placing it into the bag the bear is given a hug and a love.

The Buddy Bags are funded through fundraising, sponsorship and donations.

The Buddy Bags are then distributed to women’s refuges in the UK that deal with children who have been victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Each participating centre will keep a stock of Buddy Bags that can be handed to children when they are placed in emergency care.

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