The Big Climate Fightback

Thank you to everyone who took part on Saturday 30th November. The Joint Parish Council in Henley in  Arden had invited the schools of Henley to help in the planting of the trees. Shubs, Tristan, Jack and Harve were there to represent our school.

Trees are the ultimate multi-taskers, helping to combat the two environmental emergencies facing our planet: climate change and biodiversity loss. They absorb carbon, fight flooding, reduce pollution, nurture wildlife and make landscapes more resilient. Reducing our carbon emissions will never be enough. It’s vital we grow a UK-wide patchwork of trees and woods – not just by planting, but also through natural regeneration. The woods, hedges and green spaces we create buffer existing habitats, tackle climate change and reverse wildlife decline – all at the same time. 

We have also been donated a small apple tree from the company that provided our playground surface, which is now in our garden.

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