Henley Montessori Meets Royalty

On  Tuesday 21st January, Henley in Arden Montessori Primary were invited back to the Thinktank MiniBrum museum as they had a VIP guest visiting the gallery. They were not allowed to say who the VIP was, and we were all very excited about it! The children were asked if they were able to be the mini enablers again, to bring their museum to life and to talk about their involvement in the project.

Daisy and Shubs were chosen to lead the tour of the gallery, and during that time, the other four to play on the exhibits, running track, and barge near the entrance.

Once Daisy and Shubs arrived at the museum with the VIP, all the children were to stand by their displays and say a bit about their involvement i.e. why they have chosen their objects and what they did.

So, we arrived at the Thinktank and we were not told who the VIP was until 10 minutes before their arrival. It was the lovely Duchess of Cambridge! WOW!

The reason for her visit was to launch an online poll “The 5 Big Questions” to help children under 5. To take part in the survey at www.5bigquestions.org.uk. The Duchess talked to several parents and teachers. One of the aims of the survey is to help build up children’s resilience, to help them bounce back from things that happen throughout their lives.

Shubs said “Kate, who was interested in every part of the child-sized city, often referred to her own children. My friend Daisy and I were chosen to present Minibrum to her. I was ecstatic! We had to show her around Minibrum and explain everything to her. We showed her around for more than half an hour. We started at the workshop and went all the way around to our museum, where all my friends showed off our display cases. Next time maybe we could show our song to her?! Overall the experience was the best anyone could get in their childhood and I think the 5 Big Questions will have a massive impact on children’s childhood. It was the best day of my life.”

Daisy said “When I first met Her Royal Highness, I was starstruck. One of the first things she said to me was “What did you get your green Blue Peter badge for?” and I felt delighted that she noticed my badge. My friend Shubs and I showed the Duchess around. We started at the workshop where we raced cars. Then we went to the café where the Duchess pretended to eat a croissant. After that we went to our mini museum. In the mini museum the Duchess had an opportunity to talk to all of us. She was lovely, I felt that the whole experience for me was amazing! It would be great to meet her again!”

Inika said “When Kate got to my display, she asked why I liked it, if lots of people chose it and if we had a big selection to choose from. She also asked what dress it was. I told her that it was an African-Caribbean culture Celebration dress, I liked it because it was so sparkly. “She said that her daughter Charlotte would like the dress a lot and her son Louis would love the boots. He’d try and get in them, but they would probably come up to his armpits!”

Timothee said “Kate said, “Is that a crocodile jaw?” and Shubs said that it is a mandible jaw. Then the Duchess said, “What snake is that?” then I said, “It is an Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake in Latin Crotalus adamanteus.” Her reply was “George would love it!”

Ayden said “When Kate asked me questions about my exhibit, I told her everything. My main project was a picture with lots of pen nibs. There are 2, 223 pen nibs! I told her the objects that were mine.”

Angelo said, “She asked me what the candlestick was before we had told her and then we told her it was a candelabra.”

Playful Kate wants to make children’s childhood better so when they grow up, they will shape their happiness with their children. We were unable to tell anyone who we had met until the following day and then we made the National News and Papers!!!

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