Daily Challenge

A fantastic response to the first of many. Harve and his mum had completed all the following activities: Bug hunting outside, making homemade jelly, threading, colouring, frog life cycle, outside play, painting vehicles all by 2pm!

Olivia has been teaching her mum and dad all the songs she has learnt at nursery. She’s loving her letters at the minute which is lovely and is using the app twinkl. She’s also participated in her dance class via zoom which is live with her teacher and dance friends and has been swimming most days.

Aurora joined in with the bug hunt and had her own clip board and tick sheet.

Denbigh found a ladybug, some small insects living on dandelions, and two yellow butterflies. The best part was when he went digging for earthworms and found three. He imagined what one of the worms had been doing before we found and decided he had been playing with his friends.

Chloe found some worms and fed them to the chickens! 

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