Pancake stories

The Runaway Pancake by Shubs

Once upon a time, in an old, small cottage, lived a little old lady. One day she decided to make a pancake. She added milk, egg and butter to make a lovely smooth, rich batter. After the pancake was on a plate, ready to be eaten, it suddenly grew legs! The pancake jumped down from the counter and bolted from the kitchen and into the garden. Unfortunately the old lady was having a nap in the sun and heard the pancake’s footsteps. “Stop!” she cried, but the pancake just kept on running.

After about five minutes, the pancake came across a field of animals. “Stop!” cried the cow and blocked the pancake’s way, “I’m going to eat you!”. The pancake squealed with laughter and said “Really? You think you’re going to eat me?” and before the cow could say another word, the pancake slid under the cow’s legs and ran away laughing.

Soon the pancake came to a road where an eagle was soaring a few metres above. It saw the pancake and picked it up with its beak and took it to its nest. Luckily the nest couldn’t support the pancake’s weight and it toppled over. The pancake breathed a huge sigh of relief.

The pancake only just realised that night had fallen. “I need to find a safe place to stay for the night,” he muttered to himself. He came across a hole in the ground and thought of sleeping in there. The pancake climbed in and dozed off. In the middle of the night, the pancake got woken up by a loud scuttling noise. When its eyes adjusted to the darkness he saw a rabbit peering over him. “Are you having trouble sleeping?” said the rabbit in a high-pitched voice. “Come and sleep on my soft fur.” But the minute the pancake lay his head on rabbit’s side ‘GULP’, this was the end of the pancake!

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