Easter Egg Competition

Can I say that all of you that entered are all winners, but the top three favourites were from Denbigh, Leo and Tristan, Congratulations😃🎉. Well done and when you are back at nursery or school there will be a small Read more

A catch up with Leo

Leo is excited because he’s finally lost his first tooth. He has been going for walks or bike rides daily and found a Gruffalo trail and now Leo wants to create his own Winnie the Pooh trail. Together he has started a Read more

Daily Challenge updates

Jason made an Easter garden, with his mommy’s help. He enjoyed picking the things to put into his mini garden. I like the fairy lights. With the garden finds he made Mommy’s smiley face, a big monster’s face and a Read more

Weekly catch up

Inika made a drawing of a clown’s face, she said she saw it in the clouds. She went one further and turned it into a mask. Aurora’s made rainbow rice today, then made a shaker. Frederic, Philippe and Henri-Pierre have had Read more

Easter Fun!

Easter is certainly upon us and you have all been busy in your homes and gardens. Niamh painted and made lots of Easter crafts and made Easter treats (I think she enjoyed them). Timur and his brother have made a Read more

Harve’s Project

Harve has been very interested in size so he built with his knobless cylinders which he then measured. After that he was asking about the size of buildings so his mum and he Googled London buildings and printed off a Read more

Other updates

Eli found a crocodile cloud! Hamzah has made some chapatis, puzzles and showed his brother the teddy bear Mrs Degville bought him. He also spotted the fairtrade sign on a game he was playing and learning about birds. Niamh has Read more

Shub’s Clouds

We all know how hard it has been for us all to stay at home, so I really understand how much Shub’s must have enjoyed his “prized” cycle ride.He has also worked on the cloud challenge and his cloud photographs Read more


Thank you to all of you who have made your “thank you” signs for the bin/recycling men.Olivia made a beautiful sign with chocolates and folded paper boxes, Shub’s drawing will go on the bin on Wednesday morning. Jack’s note went Read more