Catch ups and Bread baking

As some of you know Freddie has been helping his mummy on “”. He has also been making rainbows, photographed the plants in his garden and then drew them with chalks on the patio. Together with his mum he has printed off the photos and made a big folding picture collage of these to send to his grandparents and an elderly friend. He found 20 symmetrical items…this then led to a list of spellings including circle, triangle, rectangle, square, symmetry. He has made a robot in 3-D out of card and an Elmer the elephant out of a plastic milk carton. He has also been out in the fresh air walking the dogs, grooming the donkeys and helping me muck out, along with some Zumba!

Bertie and Rupert baked bread yesterday. A big triumph of the day! They found a recipe they all liked and adapted it to suit, then watched a video to see the plaiting bread technique. See the photos for a storyboard of bread making.

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