Daily Challenge

Yesterday, (Wednesday 1st April) was another busy and productive day. Daisy completed her scale drawing and then did some cooking.

Harve used a 100 square, made a birthday card for Desh and entered a drawing competition for Solihull Fire Station, Good Luck!

Denbigh has been practicing for Easter by having an egg hunt. He also went on a nature walk then they all sat on a log and pretended to go on a train to London. His mummy says that “conveniently, our couch also doubles as a rocket; we’ve taken several trips today to Mercury, Mars, and Pluto (it was very cold there)!

Timothee and Jan had to do two attempts on the sound map challenge as they were giggling so much there was no silence. Jan made a fantastic map from memory.

Bertie, Rupert and mum are extremely busy with many practical life activities in the house and also read books, wrote stories, listened to poems, using a French App (Patrice will be pleased), played outside and excavated dinosaur bones out of ice and talked using their investigative skills to discuss water, ice and melting and much, much more!

Angelo and Kamillah have been  working on some of the challenges and sent me loads of pictures of worms, flowers, symmetry, bedroom plans and shoe box model and rainbows.

Eve made a little tent to go inside her own big tent!

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