Some more of your news whilst at home

Harley has tried some of our daily challenges he made a great theme park map and is practising for Wimbledon next year!

Aurora’s been busy making sandcastles and sticky flower bracelets, Eve has been trying out wax resist painting and Tristan drew all the insects he had found for the daily challenge.

Every morning Sofia starts with Joe Wicks…. then the fun begins, watching the flowers starting to grow (sunflowers, tulips and delphiniums) Sofia planted these herself at the beginning of March. Together with her mum and dad she has planted trees on the field and lots of vegetables in the greenhouse too. She has baked flapjacks, watched chicks hatch (today), 5 so far and another 11 will hatch shortly. She has been watching the toads in the ponds and has seen the toad spawn and watching the tadpoles that she looks at each day to see if they are changing into frogs. She has drawn a rainbow and sent it to the NHS nightingale hospital. She has been hand painting, made caterpillars and made a lovely hat with a sieve and pipe cleaners. PHEW!

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