Weekly catch up

Thank you for all your updates. Chloe helped decorate her Easter tree, has been climbing on logs and reading to her brother Jude. Chloe thought this cloud looked like Santa’s sleigh.

Yesterday was Olivia’s 3rd birthday, they made a cake together and enjoyed eating it. “Happy Birthday Olivia.”

Here is Aurora’s cloud picture, first she copied Mommy’s cloud shape, then she painted it with glue. Next, she scrunched up some tissue paper to make them look fluffy and added some glitter.  She also drew a picture of Mommy, Aurora and a caterpillar looking at the clouds!

Timothee and Jan had great fun making and doing their weather diary.

Freddie went for  a walk with his dog played with his sister in the sandpit and made a fantastic card with the photos he had taken for the flower daily challenge.

Niamh used her mathematical and investigative skills to identify eggs (which she could smash when she found the right one. Found coins hidden in her sandpit and had a toy tombola. Mum numbered  15 of her old toys and when she picked out the number, she found the number, she won them back. Niamh loved this game.

Timur started with superhero morning exercise, watered the vegetables and made clouds and then paper aeroplanes to fly through the clouds.

This week Ayden has revised his multiplication tables, completed some handwriting practice as has sister Sofia. Measured his bedroom and drawn to scale and then helped his mum measure parts of the garden for her projects using string for large distances and planted a blueberry tree. He has played virtual chess with his grandad and Timothee and is now on Book Four of Harry Potter.

Jack has been busy with farm and animal duties. He has been rounding up a few sheep with their lambs. Cleaning out trays ready to sow seeds this weekend. There was dangerous tree that needed felling, so Jack has been helping with that, practicing his bush craft skills lighting fires and clearing up brash. The tadpoles are growing enormous in their tank.

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