Peter and the Wolf

Year 6, 4 and 2 have been studying the Russian composition “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergey Prokofiev, 1936. The piece was written to introduce children to the instruments of the orchestra. The boy Peter represented by the strings, a bird by the flute, a duck the oboe, a cat the clarinet, Peter’s grandfather is the bassoon, the wolf by the French Horns and finally the hunters by the drums. The pupils were able to recognise each instrument and discussed how Sergey had used them to convey the mood and use high and low notes for effect. The Year 4 and 6 pupils were then challenged to compose their own piece of music for Peter and the Wolf.

To compliment this study the pupils drew pictures of all the characters inspired by Russian, Polish and Scandinavian folk art with patterns featuring birds and flowers and finally produced a wooden egg with one of their designs.

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