Nursery Rhyme character letters

As part of nursery rhyme week, the pupils in Year 2, 4 and 6 developed their letter writing skills. They assumed the character in a nursery rhyme of their choice. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Dear Sam,

You won’t believe what happened to me!

Some people came to my house and they cut my coat off. So I thought I may as well give it away and I gave the first bag to the Master and he loved it. Then I gave the Dame a bag and she loved it even more. Then I gave it to the little boy named Master Tom of Narrow Lane and he also liked it and said ‘Thank you’ and everyone said ‘Thank you’ as I walked past.

From Jack

P.S. When will I see you next?

Dear Humpty Jack,

I had fallen down my wall and the King’s men can’t fix me together. I need to go to hospital. Will you bring me to hospital? Please write back to me.

From Humpty Dumpty

Dear Humpty Dumpty,

I would love to but we can’t because of the corona virus. I’m very sorry.

From Humpty Jack

Dear Humpty Jack,

Then could you tell my mum that I breaked my head.

From Humpty Dumpty.

Dear Humpty Dumpty,

Your mother is coming in five minutes.

From Humpty Jack.

Dear Mum,

I took the boat out and I went to London and I saw the palace. Then I went to Madagascar and then I went to Easter Island. Then I went to Egypt and I saw the pyramids. Then I went back home.

To Mum,

Guess what my sheep did?

On Monday my sheep followed me to school! All the children laughed. After we did some work we went outside. Whilst this was happening I did not know that my sheep was there! So I took my sheep home, and at the end of the day I told my sheep off and he went to bed.

Love from Mary

Dear Mum,

You will never believe what happened? I was on a castle wall when an army came and shot a big, fluffy cannon. I don’t know why. I fell and I fainted when I hit the ground but it felt like I was spinning fastly in space. I woke up and I was in King’s Cross Hospital. They said “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put you together again”. I’m stuck here for 5 years, mum! Mum come as soon as you can please!

From Humpty

Dear Humpty,

I’m in London. I can come soon but I can only stay for an hour and then I will travel the world for 10 years. I advise stay in bed and, I am going to send you a book. Hope you recover soon.

From Mum

Dear Dad,

You won’t believe what happened yesterday. How did you guess? Nevermind. I fell off a wall and broke myself! For some reason there were no body parts, I don’t know why. All the King’s horses and men couldn’t fix me, they left their cellotape at their houses. So I’m at the hospital. Please come soon.

From Humpty Dumpty

Dear Dad,

You will never guess what happened this morning! I was sitting on the garden wall, even though it’s seven metres high and I got on by the ladder in the shed. I fainted but the garden trap door into the dungeon below the garden wall was open and when I woke up I was in the dungeon and the door had shut. So I was trapped in the pitch blackness. Please come and help me. Please. I really need to get out. I found a pen and a pencil and some paper and plenty of spiders!

Love from Humpty Dumpty

Dear Humpty Dumpty,

I will come quickly, I hope you are okay and not hurt or dizzy.

Love from Dad

Dear Mum Mouse,

Do you miss me chasing you around and biting you? You would never guess two people I saw. A mouse called Charley, I said ‘hello’ but he was too scared like a scaredy cat. Wait, I am a cat. I also saw the Queen.

Love Cat

To Dad,

Dad can you take me to the hospital?

I fell off a wall and the King’s men and horses couldn’t put me together again.

From Humpty Dumpty

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