Sea Legs Puppet Theatre

To celebrate Nursery Rhyme week Rob from ‘Sea Legs Puppet Theatre’ came and entertained us with another fantastic show linked with nursery rhymes. The audience of all ages were captivated.Thea said “I liked the mouse.” Elizabeth said “He’s stealing the Read more

Fire Safety Awareness

Warwickshire Fire Safety Programme for Years 1, 2 and Year 5. They learnt how to crawl below the smoke, to plan and an escape route and to stop, drop and roll if they caught fire. To check their parents were Read more

Bandi Chhor

On Thursday Jujhar, Taaru and their mum came into nursery and school and shared the Sikh celebration Bandi Chhor that commemorates the day the sixth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Hargobind ji was released from Gwalior Fort and he was able Read more

Cycle proficiency course

Patrice and Tom ran a cycle safety and proficiency level 1 course for Reception through to Year 5. They learnt about tyre pressure, how to check their brakes, saddle height, and awareness of other users and pedestrians when out and Read more

Good bye and Good Luck

We ended the year saying goodbye to 4 nursery pupils who are moving to other schools to start their new journey in Reception, and we will be welcoming 4 from pre-school to start Reception with us. We are also saying Read more

Lego Club

All the pupils in Years 1 – Year 6 enjoy attending the lunchtime Lego club run by Tom. They all built a part to complete a diorama of a small town.