School trip to the Symphony Hall, Birmingham

We were excited to take Year 1 through to Year 5 on a school trip this February. We had a super time. This is the music from the CBSO concerts

KS1 ‘Space’ themed pieces:

  • Mars from The Planets by Gustav Holst (used to tap out rhythm patterns)
  • Symphony No.5 in Eb Major, 3rd Movement ‘Allegro Molto’ by Sibelius (used for weightlifting, starts at about 1min20)
  • Blue Danube by Johann Strauss (used for tennis)
  • Also, Sprach Zarathustra, Prelude by Richard Strauss (used for the actions moving from low to high)
  • Star Wars Title Music by John Williams 

KS2 ‘Nature’ themed pieces:

  • Firebird Suite, Infernal Dance by Stravinsky
  • Ma Vlast: Vltava by Smetana
  • D’un Matin de Printemps by Boulanger (and we also listened to the contrasting piece D’un Soir Triste in school afterwards)
  • Symphony No.9 in Eminor (New World Symphony), Movement 3 Scherzo by Dvorak
  • Peter Grimes Four Sea Interludes Op33a, Dawn by Benjamin Britten

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