Ducks at nursery and school

On Monday 3rd June we excitedly awaited the arrival of our duck eggs. We were going to be able to watch with wonder the eggs hatching and for the ducklings to grow and entertain us for hours and hours. From the moment they arrived the children and adults were fully engaged and invested. Number one was quick to hatch before we left the building, number two was waiting for me on arrival the following day and by the time Wednesday morning came we had four. Number five got a little stuck in its shell so we took a gamble to place it under the brooder with its brothers and sisters. I arrived on Thursday morning to find it happily following the other four. They quickly imprinted on the children and whenever the room was left empty, they cheeped loudly! I took them home at the weekend and they became increasingly demanding, so Radio 4 Extra was played in the background along with stories by Enid Blyton! As long as they could hear voices, they were happy. We also gave them a little paddle in the bath. Back at school they would follow the children and adults from their vantage point in their cage. They drank and paddled in their water. Sadly, Thursday 13th June came round far too quickly, and they were taken back to the rare breed farm to meet other ducks of all shapes and sizes. A fantastic experience which will most definitely be repeated.

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