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Daily Challenge

Timothee has drawn his bedroom in scale 1:10. He measured the beds and the size of the room to figure out the scale. 

And Jan drew their living room and I think there is some symmetry work with pasta shapes and a rainbow also in this photo.

Daily Challenge

All of you have been very busy. Don’t forget to share so that other parents can use your ideas. The great thing is that everyone has a unique take on the challenges. We had some glorious photos from Jason and his sister Ivy who are already for Easter making Easter egg bunting. Jason has also become friends with ‘Siri’. He asks Siri “Where’s the longest river in the world?” “What does the biggest paper made box look like?” or “Show me the solar system.”

Bertie and Rupert had such a busy day yesterday, it was great to see some practical Montessori activities going on.

Daily Challenge

Your drawings and work with symmetry are brilliant! Leo had a great time looking for symmetrical objects and chose to draw an ‘idea’ that he  found in an old magazine. Ayden made another clever drawing of an aeroplane wing and practised his times tables with the Waldorf multiplication circles his mum had found online. Can you see the symmetry of 6 and 4, 7 and 3? Aurora drew a symmetrical spider and Daisy and Eve found the symmetry in Mickey Mouse.

They also shared something  that you could all have a go with. Arrange Skittles on a plate, add layer of water and watch the patterns appear. “The Science bit” is the diffusion of molecules moving from high density to low density.

Daily Challenge

Some of you got started on the daily challenge to make a mini beast habitat. Others continued your search for mini beasts. Jason found lots of worms and fed them to the chickens. Otis and Eli found this butterfly when out on their walk. Jack had two new lambs this morning.  And helped his daddy to spray the umbilical cord with purple antiseptic spray. Then he went off to pick nettles for soup. Nettle soup lunch!  Delicious!!!

Bertie and Rupert made a hedgehog house with daddy, just in time for a chilly night!

Denbigh found a fox in the back garden this morning. He checked around for fox footprints, but we didn’t have any luck. He then made Billy Goats Gruff puppets, made a bridge with sticks, coloured a river in chalk, and acted out the story.

Next daily challenge will be on Monday

Four Little Ducks Called Geoff!

So, shortly before we had to close due to the COVID 19 virus we took delivery of 6 duck eggs complete with incubator. A day later we were blessed with one little duck and shortly after three more. We named them all Geoff (don’t ask me why, but it stuck). They brought a great deal of pleasure to us whilst we were still at school and then took up residence at the Everley household. They grew to be extremely demanding not wanting to be left alone not even for a minute. So, during the day their cage sat on my dining room table keeping Jack company whilst working from home. They have now been collected to go back to the farm and we have a huge duck shaped hole in our hearts and our house is so much quieter.

Daily Challenge

Once again I had some lovely photographs and messages. Olivia made nature bracelets for a garden adventure or walk collecting things to stick on your bracelet (sticky tape round your wrist) and Angelo and Kamillah found some dandelions, Periwinkle and Daffodils. Sylvan and Blythe made a flower collage. Denbigh continued with his worm searching and watched a video on YouTube about earthworms and learned about how they move house in the rain. He also did some chalk drawing and writing outside. Aurora went out and spotted lots of flowers today! Aurora sends her love to you all, especially Mrs Manning.

Frederic and Philippe focused on flower observation rather than identification and true to form the twins still wanted to create in the morning, so we made a flower from recycled materials to show Carpel and stamens and petals.  Sylvan and Blythe painted flowers and Bertie and Rupert had a great time hunting for flowers to identify! Chloe spotted lots of flowers on her walk today and then Chloe and drew some with chalk on the driveway.


Daily Challenge

I have terrific parents and pupils. Another page!
Niamh found bugs in the greenhouse, she found: Eddy the slug, Sparkle Rainbow the short worm, Sparkle the long worm, Paw Patrol the Centipede, Willy the Woodlouse and a spider. She was a real David Attenborough and found deer footprints, she made drawings of what she found and then set them free.

Rupert and Bertie had a wonderful time outdoors and joined in the mini beast challenge. They found lots whilst preparing the soil and planting seeds, Rupert particularly enjoyed the worms and Bertie was fascinated by an ants nest, then they made Bee Mobiles to welcome the bees back to our garden after the long winter and hung them at the front of the playhouse.

Daily Challenge

You participated so well, I needed more pages! Ayden learnt about Haiku poetry and wrote his inspired by the insects

Shubs wrote a poem and made a bar chart around the marvellous world of insects.

The Marvellous World of Insects
On sunshiny days,
When everything is about to bloom,
Insects are bout and about,
Hoping to find some food soon!

There’s the ants that carry leaves,
The spiders that crawl around the trees,
The bees that buzz in the sky,
Just like the butterfly!

The ladybug that rests on leaves,
Just like the beetle that you would hardly notice if It crawled up your sleeve!

The worm that lives in the ground,
Just like the woodlouse under his log,
All safe and sound!