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School Address:
Henley Montessori School
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Mrs Helen Everley

Home School Communication Methods

Full written reports to parents, covering each subject, are provided annually and in addition parents meet with teachers each term for a progress update. Individual appointments to meet teachers can be organised at any time. Parents of SEND pupils are invited to regular IEP reviews. Parents of 2 year olds have an additional opportunity to meet with their child’s key carer to discuss the 2 year old progress check.

Information is available on the school website. Paper copies of policies and procedures are available to parents at any time.

Display board including information about the school as well as leaflets and information from outside agencies.

Regular two-way communication with families through face-to-face conversations during daily meet and greet at the door

Sharing “Wow” moments

Communication through reading diaries and where beneficial, through designated home-school diaries

Letters and newsletters. The vast majority of written communication is through email. Our monthly newsletter is issued by email (paper copies are available) and as well as celebrating the work of our pupils, it keeps everyone informed about Henley Montessori life, special events and forthcoming activities. Relevant news and dates are included.

Facebook and school website for information and regular updates about school life. Our Facebook page is for quick news and celebrating work the children have been doing, sharing news from Montessori bodies and Warwickshire County Council. Our website will also post photographs and news of what has been going on at nursery and school.

Café style chalkboard used to keep parents informed of daily/weekly plans and events

The proprietor is available 24/7 via email and school hours via phone.

Throughout the COVID pandemic we have worked hard to support each and every family through daily challenges, online support, phone calls, etc.

Photo display board in our entrance hallway so everyone can easily identify our staff team

We aim to find opportunities to welcome parents into school e.g. for performances and from time to time we offer evening events for parents

Occasionally we provide questionnaires to parents looking at specific areas that we feel may need improvement; the findings are then used to inform our changes and improvements.