Weekly catch up

Thank you for all your updates. Chloe helped decorate her Easter tree, has been climbing on logs and reading to her brother Jude. Chloe thought this cloud looked like Santa’s sleigh. Yesterday was Olivia’s 3rd birthday, they made a cake Read more

Catch ups and Bread baking

As some of you know Freddie has been helping his mummy on “”. He has also been making rainbows, photographed the plants in his garden and then drew them with chalks on the patio. Together with his mum he has Read more

Catch ups

Tristan has measured his bedroom together with his mum, he wrote the figures on paper (2m41x6m90) then drew his bedroom and labelled some of the objects. He also made a birthday cake for his mum and lit the candles with Read more

Daily Challenge & Catch ups

Olivia has been helping her mummy doing some garden work and enjoyed the sunshine. They have also grown some flowers and vegetables together; she loves to spray them every day and track the progress of her plant. Olivia drew a Read more

Daily Challenge

Yesterday, (Wednesday 1st April) was another busy and productive day. Daisy completed her scale drawing and then did some cooking. Harve used a 100 square, made a birthday card for Desh and entered a drawing competition for Solihull Fire Station, Read more

Daily Challenge

Timothee has drawn his bedroom in scale 1:10. He measured the beds and the size of the room to figure out the scale.  And Jan drew their living room and I think there is some symmetry work with pasta shapes Read more

Daily Challenge

All of you have been very busy. Don’t forget to share so that other parents can use your ideas. The great thing is that everyone has a unique take on the challenges. We had some glorious photos from Jason and Read more

Daily Challenge

Your drawings and work with symmetry are brilliant! Leo had a great time looking for symmetrical objects and chose to draw an ‘idea’ that he  found in an old magazine. Ayden made another clever drawing of an aeroplane wing and Read more

Daily Challenge

Some of you got started on the daily challenge to make a mini beast habitat. Others continued your search for mini beasts. Jason found lots of worms and fed them to the chickens. Otis and Eli found this butterfly when Read more