The child is seen as a dynamic learner, full of potential and in need of the maximum possible freedom to be allowed to develop as a happy and confident individual. We therefore place emphasis on the process of learning. So as a Montessori nursery and school we are learner -centred, whereas traditional schools tend to be more teacher-centred.

All ages work together, the younger children learning from the older children, providing an atmosphere of one big happy family.

Children are able to choose the materials they wish to work with and at their own pace.
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Emphasis is placed on helping the children develop the social skills needed to be part of their community and encourage self-discipline.

We do not have a timetable, so the children experience that feeling of endless time. Click here to learn more about our typical day here.

The teachers are there to observe and to help the children “to do it myself” if they do not know the answer to a child’s question to find out with them.

Most teaching is done on a one to one basis. Group activities are spontaneous and build on the children’s sense of community, they often include songs, lessons, physical activity and stories.

Montessori primary education provides the child with an environment where they can continue to blossom, secure in their own individual skills and abilities with the avoidance of constant competition and tests. There is more in the way of a curriculum structure, but they still have the developmental freedom.

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